AI Virus
A sentient replicator and intrusion entity, usually superturing, SI:1 or greater. Although an ai virus is often vir, it does not have to be so; e.g. it could use or appropriate a rl body, or vehicle, or swarm.
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    Extremely clever prank nanovirus (actually a gengineered biological virus) - entirely cosmetic. Gives victims the appearance of a zombie. Created by cult of the exsanguinated giraffe bionanohackers during the early interplanetary period, based on trilogy of C20 flatscreens. Although easily cured, it become fashionable among several subcultures. Compare with Bar Sim Sun.
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    A Translator Virus is a high-level sentient to sophont piece of software that subverts translation devices and is made to to sow confusion and spark wars by altering the translations between clades. In some cases however translator AIs or lesser software have worked perfectly well; it is just that none of the parties like the other parties' views and that later the translators or a translator virus are blamed.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 31 December 2007.