Authenticity Purges, Authenticity War
Late Re-Evaluation period historical-archaeological purges resulting in brief Sol System-Formac war.

In 5700 a change in culture of the Solar Organisation led to the slow transformation from a united nations/museum curatorship into a more active and aggressive form of historicism. The Organisation began to espouse doctrines of authenticity, and under the leadership of Archcurator Worland Hodj, sought to remove everything deemed non-authentic. Over the span of 40 years it managed to quietly become a feared fundamentalist rulership that "cleansed" and "restored" anything it could get its hands on. The situation was resolved with the intervention of Curators who sent a fleet from Formalhaut. Since the Formac victory the Sol System is still independent and run by the Solar Organization, but is now more aligned with the FAS rather than the Terran Federation.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 03 November 2001.