Star BD +47°1419
Type G0V
Distance from Sol 80.3 ly

Inner Sphere system; Anahita was originally colonized by Dionysians during the expansion of the Erotocracy. After its dissolution it became part of the Conver Ambi, but retained extensive contacts with other Inner Sphere worlds.

As the Conver Wars approached, the local government sought help from Metasoft, but the detachment of Metasoft forces proved to be far too small. As the Geminga Orthodoxy fleet attacked the system in 3799 the outnumbered vecs made a heroic last stand, turning the system into a Thermopylae for the Orthodox fleets in the Inner Sphere. The seige lasted till 3805.

After the war the system was awarded to Metasoft where it became an independent module; it is to a large extent the biont gateway to Metasoft today.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 16 September 2001.