Sandberg, Anders
Information Age Transhumanist, Visionary, Computational Neuroscientist, and Fabulist. An important popularizer of a number of Transhumanist memes; very influential among the early biopunks and singularitists. Experimented with a number of early wetware augmentations. A partial upload later turned up at Academion where e became an important member of the faculty and search engine.

During the middle Interplanetary period a clade of orbital crypto-transhumanists began worshiping a copy of the Anders Persona (later this was claimed to be a prank that got out of hand, but the founders of the sect strenuously refute this). Although the sect was short-lived, Anders worship and ascended Anders personas were still around well into the first Federation period, having survived the Technocalypse.

Some time during the early-middle First Federation period, several Anders personas merged with a number of other ais and personas, commandeered an "Explorer Class" amat-drive probe and made for the Carina Region. According to controversial evidence found in Feinstein 1 by the Andian mission they might have attained Archailecthood. A local alife civilization calling itself the Echir-{n} claims to have been created by the passing ship several thousand years ago, although the reason for this remain unknown even to the Echir-{n}.
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    [1] The art of storytelling.
    [2] The art of creating mixtures of fiction and reality in order to entertain, confuse, perform ontological sabotage or educate.
    [3] Ideology or view that promotes fabulism in the second sense as a way of life, hiding ones real life behind a layer of disinformation, deliberate myths and rumours. Fabulism in this sense is sometimes a reaction against rigid and panoptical societies, sometimes a way of self expression or self creation.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 16 September 2001.