Astral Body
In occultism, Nuagism, Magusism, the subtle double of the physical body, the body of light, the ka, the microcosmic or individual equivalent of the astral plane. It is said to be able to remove itself from the physical body and travel around on its own - for example during sleep or magical workings, although it retains a link to the physical body via an infinitely elastic "astral cord" (various esotericist schools are divided as to whether such a thing exists, although most seem to favour its existence). Not only bionts but also vecs have described having "out-of-body" or "astral projection" experiences. The famous vec occultist and mystic Paraphrenes Gamma 2-5 has produced a series of monumental virches and interactives describing eir out of body experiences over a period of some four hundred years. Physicalist philosophers strenuously deny the existence of an astral body.
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