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Old Earth Interplanetary age polity and superpower.

California seceded from the United States in 205 AT during the successful California Revolt. Thanks to MEMS mesotechnology the state was able to construct an aircraft carrier, The Bradbury that served with distinction in the defence of San Francisco in July and the battle for San Diego in December of the same year (other warseed attempts were less successful, the mistakes being memetically erased from the collective memory). The success of the California revolt encouraged other secessions like Cascadia and the Reformed Confederacy. Unlike its ally Cascadia, California remained a strong capitalist democracy, with a smattering of government programs and mandates, not unlike the original United States that it seceded from. However, there were a number of important regional autonomous zones like the Bay Area which adopted much stronger ecological and social welfare positions, along with strong Buddhist and Nuage elements. California developed its own space facilities and was an important regional superpower, even establishing a number of CisLunar Orbitals of its own.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.