Class of feathered, warm-blooded, egg-laying terragen flying vertebrates (Aves), present in most terrestrial ecosystems, and often distinguished by their bright markings and musical voice. The first species to be provolved was the African Gray Parrot during the early Interplanetary Age (the first non-mammalian provolve). Since then many thousands more species have been provolved, tweaked, spliced, bred, or allowed to evolve naturally from isolated populations in small biospheres. Although most bird provolves live in the Utopia Sphere, a large number of species and clades can be found throughout the civilized galaxy.
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  • Archosaur - Text by M. Alan Kazlev, with additions by Stephen Inniss
    "Ruling Reptile". Important biological clade of terragen vertebrates that rose to prominence in the Mesozoic of Old Earth. It includes crocodilians, dinosaurs, birds, and a number of other extant, extinct or lazurogened types. A number of provolved species are of archosaurian derivation.
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Initially published on 08 October 2001.