Blessed One
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The Sefirot of Hokmah
Also known as the The Supreme Buddha or the Godhead in Archailect Form; in Cyberhermeticism this archailect is known as Hokmah or Chokmah. The S:6 toposophic Archailect that rules/is the Sophic League. According to Sophic Archailectology, not only is the Blessed One a Major Archailect, but E is also a Fully Enlightened Being and Buddha/Godhead in Archailect Form.

The Blessed One is mostly based in the Satyaloka Computronium shells around Nu Puppis, but eir mentality is also extended throughout the Sophic League and beyond. It is said that praying to em, or interfacing with Eir seraiph, brings immediate transcendence liberation (moksha), or grants all one's material wishes, or both.

All pious Sophicists have a holographic representation of the Blessed One (the familiar transparent stylized representation of the Satyaloka Dyson, with concentric mandalic shells) in their habs, or even carried on eir person.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.