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Abbreviation of Robot (from the work Rossom's Universal Robots by Karel Èapek, 1st century B.T.)
A subsentient or sentient, semi- or fully autonomous software program or hardware device, robot, or remote; the word bot is generally reserved for devices or programs which are not self-aware (that is, non-sophont) but are capable of acting within certain limits.

However the word bot is often used perjoratively to describe artificial sophonts of various kinds, particularly self-aware Moravec robots (vecs). In particular a human-level or 'Turingrade' vec is often called a 'bot' by other vecs and modosophonts.

Sophont entities sometimes use remote bots, also known as remotes, to operate in locations distant from their main processing substrate.

Bots are found in many sizes, from the nanoscopic to macroscopic, and can be arranged in multiple to form active materials such as utility fog.
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Initially published on 08 October 2001.