Chameleon Suit
Full-body stealth suit covered in specialized interlinked mesobots and nanobots that form an Optical Phased Array. The background on one side of the suit is detected via cambanks and this is then projected on the other side, enabling the wearer to be invisible. Some models also have built-in laser capacity. Not as sophisticated or impervious to detection as a janusuit, and easily detected by most perimeter security tech (motion analysis, nano cloud, sonics, interferometry, etc). It is still used in some kinds of games and sports, or on occasion for casual anonymity where security devices have not been deployed. It is till popular among some feral and barbarian groups.
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    YTS-43522-438793494-0004. Resource-poor red dwarf located in upper spinwards STC. The star lacks planets and is named after a famous and peculiar artifact that orbits it, The Chameleon.
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    Photonanotech transceivers utilising Optical Phased Array technology to allow invisibility and other optical effects. Specialised interlinked mesobots and nanobots enable both reception and transmission of photons. As well as being widely used in stealthware it is also a potent laser, although this also depends on energy storage and capacity
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev; minor additions by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 31 January 2002.