Chesed (Archailect)

Image from Anders Sandberg

Central avatar for the God of the Utopia Sphere.

Originally the benign transapient overseer of Ceres Mater, known by the local Keterist cyberhermetic nanocyborgs as Cheshed the Giftbringer. This name comes from the kabbalistic sephira entity 'Chesed (or Hesed)'.

These nanocyborgs, now known as Clade Columbia-Bartlebel, left Ceres Mater to establish a series of utopian worlds in the Beta Arae region. This became the nucleus for the Utopia Sphere, and as other like-minded AIs and ISOs joined with Chesed, the archai grew to be the ruling deity of that empire, and one of the archetypal Gods of the Great Hexadecimal.

Chesed Utopia Sphere
Image from Avengium
Fractal version of the Chesed symbol used by many augmented Utopia Sphere clades

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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.