Children of GAIA
The Children of GAIA are ordinary sophonts, predominantly rianths, of Old Earth, who serve the archailect GAIA.

Although there do not seem to be more than about 50 million children on Earth, and perhaps a tenth that number in CisLunar space and elsewhere, they still constitute an incredibly diverse grouping, ranging from individuals almost indistinguishable from baselines to those who look more like an animal morphotype than a hu. Strongly geographomorphic, in that the Children will adopt the genome of an animal form native to their environment - in Africa a lion or leopard or wildebeest, in Australia a kangaroo or a goanna, in Eurasia and North America a bear or a wolf or a crow, and so on. There are also Children who have taken on mythological forms - such as elves, fauns, etc, or geneered themselves into Neanderthals or Australopithecus, but these are much less common. Many of the Children have a reputation of arrogance and superiority when dealing with offworlders, while a few of the more greedy or mischievous do whatever they can to rip off tourists. These are things the Solar Organization and various Pilgrim Groups have to take into account in their dealings with Earth. Unfortunately GAIA refuses to communicate directly with the outside universe (apart from with other Caretaker Gods, with whom she seems to have good relations, and even some exchange treaties) and so the authorities have no choice but to go through her irascible Children.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 24 September 2001.