Church of Quantum Suicide, The
The Church of Quantum Suicide is found in the Serpens Reach, on Tegmark's World, where the nearbaseline population have found a way of maintaining zero population growth. The local inhabitants live for hundreds of years, but the world is regarded to be at the optimum population level for the happiness of the citizens.

If one person has a child, another person has to volunteer to die...each volunteer is given a lottery ticket, and placed in a vapourisation chamber...

Every so often a winner survives, and becomes rich and famous. The losers are gas.

Thanks to the Many-Worlds interpretation, (which is considered a canonical explanation of reality in this polity) every person who goes into the vapour chamber comes out in a universe where they are rich and famous.

This belief is enthusiastically reinforced by the Church of Quantum Suicide and the local AI power, which are also keen to avoid overpopulation and promote longevity.
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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers, from an idea by Hans Moravec
Initially published on 31 December 2007.