Slaria, Clan
Nearbaseline clone-culture clade from the Bolobo (HR 8323) system (originally Clan Solaria, but changed during the Version War when fighting the Solar Dominion.) The typical Slarian group consists of 4-12 cloned bodies, raised from birth together with infra-red and microwave broadband links between the minds of the dividuals. having shared experiences for their entire life, they have a single consciousness when together, but function as (somewhat withdrawn) baseline humans when apart. It is normal in conversation for a sentence to be started by one dividual and finished by another or several. Actions can also easily be coordinated between dividuals.

A fashion for integrating synthetic human (anvec) dividuals into the group mind started on Unity planetoid, Bolobo, increasing the potential of each group. By tradition the human dividuals are pink or brown, the anvec members blue. In mixed human/vec groups, the artificial hormones introduced to mimic emotional response are adjustable, and the levels are often set artificially high. This increases for instance the pseudo-adrenaline levels, partly explaining the well known Slarian outrageous behaviour and bellicosity.(See also Bolobo Wars).
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Text by Steve Bowers

Initially published on 07 November 2002.