Collectors, The
Skalosak in Cell
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An (apparently) mythical ultratech secret society or sect that is reputed to dwell beneath the surface of an unknown planet in the Hinterworlds, in stories dating from the 10,300s A.T. onwards.

The Collectors seek and gather the Hinterworlds' most sadistic criminals (whether imprisoned, free or in positions of power) and feed them to their transapient matriarch, the Queen of Pain. Inside the Queen, the victims face an eternity of torment, gauged according to the severity of their crimes and cruelty. Tales of the Collectors, their Queen and their victims are popular with sapient travelers, and are used as morality tales to frighten criminals and youths into good behaviour.
Queen of Pain  Mosaic
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A mosaic of the Queen of Pain
One recurring character who appears in these tales is Skalosak, who usually takes the form of a gigantic Siberoo, or sometimes a young woman.


Fiction associated with the Collectors

Stories about the Collectors include Yes Jolonah there is a Hell, Initiation, and The Devoted Follower (one of the stories in the Orion's Arm Novella Collection, Against a Diamond Sky

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