The use of Mnemonet technology to facilitate information transfer between sentient beings.

To communicate information one copies out and perhaps edits a portion of the memory stored in ones mnemonet and transmits it directly into the mnemonet of another where it is tagged as being a non-original memory and loaded directly into their mind. Instead of telling someone about your vacation you simply give them the memory of what you did. Highly efficient form of communication, but can lead to the generation of group-minds and the occasional low-level ascensions.

Also, with the right stealthware, conceptications can also be used to install low-awareness memes. An example includes a diatribe on the various types of foglets currently on the market, with an emotional subcontext of quiet satisfaction. This tends to emotionally influence the S<2 set towards foglets - they're quietly satisfied with them...
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Development Notes
Text by Todd Drashner with additions by John B

Initially published on 31 December 2007.