Corporate Cannibalism
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Popular fast-food genre - late Re-Evaluation Period to recent.
Corporate Cannibalism involves the mass-production and consumption of meat cloned from famous actors, media personalities or leading members of the community. Similar uses of artificial meat production to allow cannibalism include autovory (self-eating), friend- and spouse-eating.

Corporate Cannibalism itself was first established by the CrustClown Kingg in several NoCoZo major systems during the late Re-Evaluation Period.

One popular variation uses cloned meat from the current CrustClown Kingg. Annoying and invasive advertising is used to memetically engineer the populace to dislike the CrustClown Kingg emself. They then specifically patronize the outlets, often ordering King burgers medium-rare because, as one anonymous but oft-quoted patron of the chain once said "I want to hear the bastard scream."
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    Eating (a clone of) oneself; a bizarre but not unknown practise. For the rich pervert, there is always the option to clone oneself, insert a self-awareness emotion-broadcast module, surgically paralyse the clone, and have a feast. Disgusting, it is true, but the height of fashion in a couple of the clades and phyles, and it comes into style along with other such shock-fads every so often in parts of the NoCoZo and other less regulated zones.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev, amended by Steve Bowers

Initially published on 24 September 2001.