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In terragen biology an ordered sequence of nucleotides located in a particular locus on a particular chromosome that encodes a specific instructions for the cell, generally biochemical material, either RNA or protein. It includes regions involved in regulation of expression and regions that code for a specific functional product.

In xenobiology genes can take many forms, but in organic carbon-based biospheres nucleic acids of various kinds DNA, RNA, TNA, PNA and so on generally predominate.
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    Genetic modification/ genehack module. Can be phenotypic (modify phenotype only), genotypic (modify germ-cells only), or both. Note a phenotypic modded cell when cloned will have the same affect as a genotypic mod. Most genemods today are genomically modular, and carefully labelled and wetwared to ensure a compatibility test is run with the user's genome, before allowing insertion. Even so, it is advisable to ensure one's genome is backed up, even when using reputable brands.
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    Hereditary constitution of an individual; its genome (or equivalent, in artificial neumann-capable organisms or in xenobionts). Contrast with phenotype.
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    Modification or augmentation that effects only the genotype of the gametes and descendants of an organism. Genotypic augmentation is biological or genetic modification or augmentation that effects only the genotype of the gametes and descendants of an organism. It does not alter the characteristics of the user, or of clones from the user's somatic cells, but it does modify that of all of the user's offspring. Contrast with phenotypic augmentation.
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