Durang, Durant
Originally created as a sport by the 3rd toposophic Mind 46712 "The Hybyricon", Durant Durang, called "The Method Borg": by eir friends, is a postneogen cyborg Perfect Artist, musician, philosopher, ethicist, historian, and dramatist who travels the galaxy taking up quixotic causes, which e peruses obsessively.
E is responsible - among other things - for the liberation of ten trillion madverts from the MPA, Communion of Worlds, and Sophic League (e also formed the Free Madvert Society, before losing interest in the whole thing), introducing subsophont Carnivorous Fuschias as a trendy potted plant in the Solar Dominion, and encouraging the Admin Nodes of New Bhairan (Terran Federation) to Legalise Mathematical Pornography. E is currently trying (without much success) to get Wup decriminalised in the Negentropic Alliance. Commentators remain undecided as to whether these antics are really done for noble purposes, or simply as a form of Perfect Art
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 09 October 2001.