Karol Ring, The
Karol Ring
Image from Steve Bowers
Star HD 144585
Type G5V
Luminosity 1.87 x Sol Distance from Sol 88.4 LY (J2000 Epoch)

A Banks Orbital constructed at HD 144585, Kiyoshi Sector, MPA, during the Empires age. A center of finance, edutainment, recreation, and historical and fabulist recreation.

Among the many exhibits are the Zooeum of Heroes, The Jurassic Park XXIX, and The Great Cities Of Old Earth Exhibit complex (where one can visit genuine replications of Pharaonic Thebes (always a hit with touristst from the Dominion!) Classic Rome, Medieval Florance, Shogunate Kyoto, Industrial Age London, Atomic Age New York, and Interplanetary Age Cydonia City, among many others).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 29 November 2001.