Keter (archailect)

Image from Anders Sandberg

Major Archailect in the Keter Domain, also known as the Volant, The First Point, and the Transcendent One.

Keter emerged in the 2200-2300's as the deliberate alliance and merger of a number of high-level AIs with great ambition, biont worshippers, and developing transapient and godtech. E embodies the absolute, the fundamental, the blazing pure light of creation. E supports lesser beings who attempt to refine themselves and reach perfection, although E is also one of the most aloof archailect clusters - it is up to everything to strive, but the only thing Keter provides is the light to aim toward.

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    Syncretistic mixtures of MPA materialism and Keterism. The combination is an extroverted form of Keterism, seeking not just the individual perfection and maximization of potential, but also the awakening of potential wherever it exists. Widespread in the MPA, and often influencing the local politics. It is often recognized by the use of the dictum "Everything strives". Particularly dominant in the Jewelled Habitats in the Arkab Prior B necklace.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 29 November 2001.