Kuranaba (sometimes spelled or pronounced Karanaba) is a Sophic League system (K type star) colonized by a number of old Solsys clades (ethnic Hindu, Jovian League, Space Adapt/Cosmoi , etc.) during the Age of Expansion.

The system was later incorporated into the Sophic League following the establishment of Satyaloka with the ascension/emergance of the Blessed One and establishment of a microguage wormhole link.

However, it was not connected to the Nexus, and on the macro scale remained isolated for many millennia, ruled over by the 4th toposophic archailect Valusaban

During the period from 7985 to 8385 the system was infected by a Hyperutilization Supremacy relativistic seed-node (ironically, long after the Supremacy had been forced back elsewhere); this was one of a number of such outbreaks across the Terragen Bubble that were to remain unknown, often for centuries.

Fortunately the infection was destroyed before attaining full 5th toposophic activity, in the Anandayanna-Uvartarasha War that culminated in the famous battle of Mudaru Orbital, although casualties were heavy. Local tradition has it that, in spite of the victory, the system remained tainted for many decades and even centuries. Soon after this Valusaban withdrew eir avatar. Many sophonts chose to upload and transcend as well, rather than remain in RL.

Those who did remain rebuilt their civilization with help from the Puysha-Paras and others who had participated in the war.

In 9853 the Free Sophic corporation Mystic Tours opened a 75 meter gauge wormhole, the Kuranaba Gate, connecting Kuranaba with the prosperous portal world of Big Tor. In 10182 it was upgraded to 95 meters, and then, in the period in 10256 to '57, to 150 meters. Some local cynics - such as the Valubanist Traditionalist Swamishek Kurano Baj Vasudas - say that the influx of tourists, faddish pilgrims, and curiosity seekers has done more harm to the system than the Anandayanna-Uvartarasha War ever did. However others welcome the influx of new culture.

With the connection to the Nexus, Kuranaba has begun exporting a significant amount of crafts, meditation templates, and both exoteric and esoteric religions. To the horror of some locals and the pride of others, it has become perhaps best known for the Balany Valus fundamentalist sect.

The system currently has a population of some 15 billion sophonts, mostly in the large Bishop rings and other orbital megastructures, with a smaller number living on several paraterraformed moons.

Mystic Tours is currently discussing the possibility of a second wormhole, which would take some pressure off the much overloaded Kuranaba Gate. It is also possible the Gate will also be upgraded to 250 meters.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 17 March 2003.