Lepusanthropus genetekensis. Hu-rabbit splice developed by GeneTEK during the middle Interplanetary period.

Although there had been many splices and manimals, including human-lagomorph hybrids, the Lepusan, or "Bunny", was an unusually successful breed, sturdy and docile, and often employed in the sex trade. Many had moldie or moldie analogue genomic or bioborg augmentations. They proved remarkably popular in the Belt and on some of the outer colonies, where life was harsh and brothels tended to the needs of riggers and spacejacks.

During the Technocalypse the adaptable Lepusans managed to survive in a number of blue-goo-shielded habitats, and there were colonies co-habiting with Kupierists and Haloists, where they fitted in with the splice, provolve, tweak, and hider cultures that flourished in their isolated habitats during this time. Even before the rise of the First Federation, the original Lepus stock had given rise to a number of new species and subspecies, both through natural genetic drift and bioaugmentation. Some of these joined the Federation along with their parent habitats; others preferred to remain isolated and independent

While some Lepusans migrated to Dionysos, especially at the height of the Erotocracy, and other clades and "Warrens" (Lepus Clans and Houses) eventually joined the Zoeific Biopolity or the Utopia Sphere, most have remained affiliated with their local polity or habitat. They are a gentle, placid race, occasionally taken advantage of and cruelly treated (the "Bunny-Baiting" of Atlantis was notorious for several thousand years until the ISO Good Earth entered the system in 6921, accompanied by an escort of biowars, and forced the locals to ban the practice). Today Lepusans are found throughout much of the Civilized Galaxy, although their greatest population centers are in some of the big Utopia Sphere Bishop Rings like Bunnihaven and Rojjerabbit. Other Lepusan dominated polities like Plaebuni and The Lepus Federation, although non-affiliated, have a flourishing tourist and sex trade and the protection of local posterotoginics.

In build the average Lepusan is fairly short, about 1.5 to 1.6 meters, with a sturdy build and muscular legs. Although their eyesight tends to be poor, the other senses are highly developed. The body is covered in a short thick usually grayish fur, and the ears are quite large and floppy. The breasts in the females are often hypertrophied and the waist unusually slim, although these conditions has been rectified in many Lepusan warrens. Lecherousness, nymphomania, and satyriasis tends to be a problem. While these conditions can be easily treated, many warrens retain them as marks of individuality. The immune system is augmented with symbiotic bionano, giving good disease resistance, and reproduction in some warrens can be excessive (in extreme cases population blooms are followed by starvation or enforced celibacy or sterilization). The number of Lepusans of all species and subspecies in the galaxy today is estimated at some 10 trillion.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.