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General term for nanomachines or bionano swarms, especially dangerous replicators. Types include Grey Goo (mindless replicators converting matter into more goo), Red Goo (weapon or malicious goo), Khaki Goo (military goo), Golden Goo (dangerous accidental goo), Green Goo (out of control bionano) and Ultraviolet Goo (ai-equipped goo). The most common defence is Blue Goo (immune nanodevices).

Goo is limited by the amount of ambient energy available in an environment, or by the amount of energy the swarm can store or generate. It is also limited by the availablity in the environment of raw materials for replication, and thermodynamic considerations. Goo may be vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse attack, depending on the design. Blue Goo may be effective against a particular swarm, or that swarm may be resistant to the defences, in which case the Blue Goo may be capable of adapting (or it may not, in which case new forms of defence must be developed rapidly).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 31 October 2001.