Image from Steve Bowers (from NASA public domain image)

The first of several dwarf planets to be discovered in the outer reaches of Solsys. Type LithicGelidian; has one large companion world (Charon) and several smaller moons. Pluto and Charon are often considered a Dioscuran world or double planet, since their barycentre is external to both worlds. Pluto is moderately geological active despite its great distance from Sol; it has a thin atmosphere of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and methane.

The first manned landing on Pluto occurred in 290 AT. Relatively unaffected by the Technocalypse, Pluto and Charon became a regional "capital" in the 9th century AT, and to this day is an important member of the Solar Organization.

Pluto is particularly famous as a meeting place between the SO and several diverse Haloist and Hider cultures that have existed in the Outer Solar System since the Technocalypse.

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Initially published on 09 March 2010.