Wolf 359

Image from Steve Bowers
The Chandelier

Resource poor Inner Sphere system, in near proximity to Sol.

When the first explorers arrived they discovered that an AI probe had already visited the system, converting an asteroid to "The Chandelier", a 40 kilometre diamondoid structure of unknown purpose. While at first approached as an alien artefact it quickly revealed its terragen origin and explained that it would not interfere with further colonisation. Since then "chandeliers" and the rarer "wineglasses" have been discovered in many systems, revealing the passage of a front of exploring/colonizing nanotech AIs that apparently left the solar system during the beginning of the Dark Ages (or before?). The Wolf 359 system never became more than an outpost, the lack of volatiles and major asteroids precluded much colonisation.

The system is currently a Solar Administration protectorate.

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Text by Anders Sandberg

Initially published on 12 December 2001.