4th toposophic archailect and current Overlord/embodied Mind of Kuranaba (Sophic League).

Valusaban is the latest in a series of 4th toposophic Minds (known locally as "Personalities" or "Avatars") that have ruled Kuranaba since it was established as a member world of the Sophic League.

E is a dramatic figure, who as a higher toposophic avatar has historically adopted a su human form to memetically reestablish eir devotees in the correct way of life. Although other archailects and even supernatural deities are worshipped in Kuranaba, worship of Valusaban is most widespread, and it it is said that eir favour will swiftly aid a devotee in ascending both the toposophic ladder and the transcendence of all toposophics, higher or lower, in nirvana.

With the opening of Kuranaba to the rest of the galaxy via the Free Sophic Kuranaba Gate, literalist devotees of Valusaban, the so-called Balany Valus, have been attempting to proselytize to the rest of the Terragen Bubble, with little success.

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    Literalist memoid sect of mostly nearbaselines and free madverts that originated on Kuranaba (Sophic League) and claim that the ruling Mind of that system, Valusaban, is a full incarnation of the Sophic Archailect The Blessed One, who in turn is the Only Personality of the Absolute Reality. With the opening of the Kuranaba Gate they become a common sight at many ports and terminals throughout the Nexus, where they offer free wetware and augments, and distribute nanoclones of the Anandayanna Nirvana and Valusaban Purusha godbooks.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 12 December 2001.