Knowledge implant, Omniupload

Omniupload - A device which allows for the full apprehension of one or more subject matter(s) with a single mnemonic overlay on the recipient's mind.

Early forms of Knowledge Implant were nearly always contaminated with personality traits and even personal memories belonging to the original owner of the skill-set concerned. This resulted in the unintended transfer of a new personality into the recipient, sometimes leading to Polysophonce (a condition where two or more personalities inhabit the same body).

Unlike the early Knowledge Implant technology, the modern omniupload is the result of advanced information mapping and does not include personal memories or personality traits. Modern omniupload overlays do not cause personality modification and do not give limited access to the data and processes overlaid due to poor conceptual map matching.

An omniupload can transfer a donor's comprehensive understanding of a particular subject, or an associated skill set, or both. The memories and skills are obtained from a donor who has extensive knowledge, understanding or skill in a particular subject or range of subjects, or may be synthesised from the memories of a number of such individuals.

These mnemonic overlays are self-adapting to meld seamlessly with the recipient's mental concept map, unlike earlier uploads which were not.

Omniuploading is currently the most mature form of didactic technology for the seamless transfer of knowledge, but more traditional forms of education are still found in some polities, especially in the Outer Volumes and Periphery.
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Text by John B, Steve Bowers, and Xaonon

Initially published on 04 December 2002.