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Steam-powered armoured bipedal dreadnoughts popular among extreme hobbyists and steampunkers in the NoCoZo and elsewhere.

Steamecha are characterized by a surreal mix of advanced material research and astonishingly primitive fire-control / targeting systems all powered by baroque steam engines.

The popularity lies in the fact that steam is dangerous stuff for baselines to be playing around with. Sure the AI running the park could patch you up after your mech took a hit and you got par broiled over 130% of your body (lungs and digestive tract also), but %@#^ that hurt! Some steampunkers use a chemical known as "cool steam" that expands and contracts dramatically at cooler temperatures, but these are looked down at by the purists

And some steam-mech aficionados trick out their mechs for "authentic" sound: The more of a metallic screech you can get out of the joints and the more clanking the mech makes as it moves, the better. Trying to get it looking and sounding just like the Prylor-Gamma-Gamma mechs of '09 (local Calender), there are good records of the way they were in the old days and some mechanics work for hours to make the actuator joint for their Scorn Cannon to get just the right pitch.

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    Baseline subculture popular in the the NoCoZo and MPA. Steampunkers try to cultivate elaborate steam-powered retro cultures, often using baroque and baseline-dangerous weaponry and machinery, and combining this with advanced uploading and biocloning technology to ensure their revival in the (likely) case of extreme injury or death.
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Development Notes
Text by Peter Kisner with some notes by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 31 December 2001.