Swarm (nanotech or biology)
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[1] Massive numbers of nanobots acting in concert for different purposes. Because nanobots are too small and numerous to be controlled individually, they are usually directed in swarms. Each swarm is comprised of trillions of nanobots, and in a sense comprises an extended superbot, much as an insect swarm represents and extended superorganism (in fact nanobot swarming was originally directly modelled on insect swarms.

[2] Co-ordinated or uncoordinated mass or cloud of interplanetary-capable capable nanite goo, sometimes (but not always) in the form of suite of specialized types including replicator, attack, and utility nanites, and which are used for offensive military or terrorist purposes.

[3] Any biological organism or alife in which millions of individuals move and act as if one.
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  • Goo, Golden - Text by M. Alan Kazlev, from Anders Sandberg's Transhumanist Terminology
    A type of goo disaster, the strange name comes from an early Information Age hypothetical scenario. The idea was to use nanomachines to filter gold from seawater. If this process got out of control the result would be piles of golden goo (the " Wizard's Apprentice Problem"). This scenario demonstrated the need of keeping populations of self-replicating machines under control; it is much more common than grey goo, but also more manageable. Also Carbon Goo, Aluminium Goo, etc.
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    [1] A plague of bionano (non-drexlerian) goo; especially of strong biotic form. Green Goo outbreaks are (like Golden Goo) quite common, but easily managed, at least in those areas with good access to blue goo and equivalent.
    [2] Facetious term for biological life spreading throughout the galaxy. c.f. pink goo.
    [3] (archaic) The scenario of nanomachines or bio-engineered organisms used for human population control, either by governments or eco-terrorist groups (generally by sterilizing people through otherwise harmless infections).
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    Blight-like distributed entities trying to expand, disregarding the wishes and rights of other sentients.
    Although this is sometimes used as a pejorative against expansive empires, it properly refers only to homogeneous swarms. monopathic swarms might be both intelligent and non-intelligent.
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Initially published on 31 December 2001.