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A neogen or hu-animal splice with exaggerated primary and secondary sexual characteristics and exceptional sexual performance, generally used as a companion-sentient or in the sex-trade. Most erotorganics in the galaxy today have some measure of Erotogoni genome. Erotorganics were extremely popular in the Dionysan Erotocracy, and can still be found widely throughout the galaxy today. Include male (andromorph) female (gynamorph), hermaphrodite (hermaphromorph), mutagenderic , and pangenderic, as well as innumerable gradations and variations.

The Origin of Erotogini

The clade Erotogini has often been listed (especially by its more enthusiastic proponents), along with fire, the wheel, the digital computer, and the drexlerian assembler, as one of the greatest inventions of mindkind. Whilst such a claim is excessive, there is no denying the influence Erotogini and related Erogenics has had on galactic civilisation over the last 10,000 years.

The basic organic, bionic, and biocomputronium elements of Erotogini can be traced all the way back to the biodildonic pseudo- and para-lifes of the Interplanetary Age biotech giants like GeneTEK and Bios Holdings. Even the early and impolite name Moldie is a pun on the malleable and transmorphic qualities of such neogens, and the fact that the use of tweaked cheese mold (Penicillium roqueforti) as a substrate, gave many of the earliest forms of "Adult Rug" their distinctive odour (it was not long before other organisms and fragrances were introduced, but the name had already become entrenched in popular culture). It is believed the name may also have been partially inspired by the writings of the early Information Age fabulist Rudy Rucker.

GeneTEK, Bios Holdings, Elysium Erotech, Modernbody, and other bio and bodytech corporations of the period skillfully manipulated the public's hunger for new forms of hedonistic entertainment. Throughout much of the Interplanetary period, use (and abuse) of Erotogini and other sex aids was de rigour among elements of the Cislunar corporate aristocracy, bohemia, the bored unemployed and unemployable, the entertainment industry, and in fact almost all elements of society. But for all this, Erotogini never became a single defining factor of society. It was simply one more commodity, like VR hotsuits, smart drugs, infotainment media, and designer genomes, that defined much of the society during this period.

At the same time, Erotogini elicited a strong hostile response among many religious representative groups. This was especially so during the more conservative periods when "back to old values" was touted by killjoy memeticists as a panacea for the social problems of the late Interplanetary period.

It is natural that some of the early hinterlander clades like the Genetekkers would be among the more enthusiastic exponents of Erotogini, but this was due less to isolation from authority and religious and social regulation, and more to the fact that most were affiliated with and strongly franchised through GeneTEK. In an effort to outcompete Bios Holdings, GeneTEK not only made each new release of the basic Erotogini genome open source, but also gave away generous selections of experimental variations to all its franchise holders.

The Dionysan Connection

Along with nano-assemblers, virch-tech, terraforming, space assembly, and molecular synthesis, erototech remained an important element of Interplanetary Age technology and society carried over to the First Federation. But ironically the most profound impact Erotogini was to have was not in the Federation itself, but in the interplanetary dark age colony Dionysos (originally Jerusalem) at Psi 5 Aurigae II.

During the middle and later Federation period, the Dionysan colony developed into an important regional power - the Erotocracy - based on the maximization of individual pleasure. During this period, the Dionysans developed the use of Erotogini to a fine art. While technologically Erotogini was little modified from late Interplanetary age variants. The main difference, and even this was achieved by the Federation itself first, was a much higher responsiveness and intelligence level, due to more efficient and robust bionanotech and syneurons. Dionysan erototech also developed the Erotogini further by adding drug production to it. Cell populations producing stimulants, relaxants, aphrodisiacs and perfumes were common. This had been tried on and off as early as the late Interplanetary age, but never as consistently or successfully Dionysian hedonic engineers did their best to combine all forms of pleasure into "multisex", multisensorial experiences tuned specifically for each individual by the Erotogini. This encouraged inclusion of empathy neural networks and syneurons that interfaced with the user's sensorium.

With increasing industrialisation, the Dionysan Erotocracy was able to send out large relativistic and sub-relativistic vessels to nearby star systems, establishing habitats and colonies, or subverting those already established. And everywhere they went they took Erotogini (among their other technologies, techniques, and pharmacologies). In fact it was during this period that Erotogini truly become an interstellar phenomenon.

It was inevitable that a civilization as intense as the Dionysan Erotocracy would eventually burn itself out. After some centuries it had became bogged down in routine, addiction problems, megacorporate subversion, intercolony rivalry, and forced enthusiasm, finally collapsing in the 2300's in the so-called "Big Mess".

The Big Mess meant the end of a single extended and central erotocracy, but not the end of erotocratic and neo-dionysian ideologies. Many of the former colonies of Dionysos went their own way, and most were eventually absorbed into the Communion of Worlds and the Utopia Sphere. However, on a great many of these worlds and habitats Erotogini use remained, and many Erotoginis had actually attained a high level of sentience.

Sapient Erotogini

Like any other artificial life forms, Erotogini can be given a quite high degree of sentience. This became obvious as long ago as the middle 3rd century a.t., when Bios Holdings, and then GeneTEK, experimented with self-evolving neuronalised Erotogini. Coming in the wake of the adverse publicity that was accompanying work with chimp provolves, and fearful of ethical and legal ramifications and providing fuel for luddite and activist groups should what was originally intended as a humble sex aid achieve sentience, both corporations ceased the experiments, using simple preprogrammed biochips instead. It is known that work was quietly continued in some of the outer habitats, and astonishing results achieved, right up until the Technocalypse, but contact was then lost and it is not know what became of those experiments. During the early and well into the middle First Federation period it became an element of popular folklore that somewhere out beyond the Sol system Oort cloud was a community of super-erotic hyper-evolved biogens. An entire series of New Hollywood virches were made, and several expeditions launched (including the famous Bacchus Expedition under the Ceres City-based entrepreneur, self-made trillionaire, and adventurer Thomas "Dickie" Hawthorn, itself a saga later embellished by folklore and infotainment). But the real-life developments at Lalande and Psi 5 Aurigae II (Dionysos) soon eclipsed these speculations, and those systems became the mecca of pleasure-seekers from throughout the old and already fragmenting Federation.

Even the Erotocracy at its height was wary about allowing Erotogini to achieve full sentience. Problems with AIs had shown how hard it was to equip an entity with sentience and intelligence and yet keep its freedom shackled so it would not rebel or leave its owner stranded. Besides, the Dionysans were enjoying the situation they had too much to want to experiment in such a hazardous direction. This was even more the case as the erotocracy became more rigid and entrenched in habitual ways of doing things. It was not until the Erotocracy collapsed from within as a result of the Big Mess that a few of the more isolated and innovative outposts, questioning the old way of doing things and seeking new answers and directions, decided to give full reign to the experimental and evolutionary impulses. By the time these worlds and outposts were absorbed into sephirotic empires like the Communion of Worlds and the Utopia Sphere, many of the more evolved Erotoginis had attained a high level of sentience, encouraged by their owners/users.

Erotogini during the Empires Era and After

The Empires Era was the high point of Erotogini evolution. Freed from the technogamous constraints by placed upon them by Dionysan hedonists, sentient and sapient Erotoginis were able to develop in many new directions. Not only did entire new clades of Erotogini appear at this time, but some of these sapient Erotoginis interbred with empaths or were further bioborged to become Gynamorphs, Andromorphs, and Hermophromorphs, tweaked bionts of astonishing sexual potency. Yet although they traditionally kept a roughly humanoid shape when moving among humans, they also adopted other, more comfortable morphotypes, especially among their own kind, and later on even among hu. By the later Second Federation period the sight of a sexual furry mat walking by was taken as quite normal or even appealing.

Throughout the Empires Era, representatives of these various clades migrated outwards and throughout the civilised galaxy, establishing numerous libertarian and hedonistic free zone colonies. Although frequently small in size and non-existent in military clout, they attracted tremendous prestige, fame, and often infamy as centers of pleasure, perpetuating and further evolving the original dionysian ethos. Among the most famous of these centers were Hefner, Endorphin, Satyrcon, Redlyte, and New Vegas. Many of these settlements aroused the ire of their neighbours, and in some cases, such as the Geminga attack on Faforean II with the consequent local genocide ("spiritual cleansing") of the population, and the Nuikrusadist destruction of Matria, this had fatal consequences. Such atrocities, fortunately, were the exception. Erotogini free zones were often adopted by a passing hyperturing, either for investment purposes or simple amusement, and these came to be defended by powerful rings of khaki and blue goo. Other settlements voluntarily gave up their neutrality in exchange for the protection that accrued from being a part of an archailect empire.

Many Erotogini clades were far from defenceless, even without hyperturing allies. The Neodolphin-Erotogini hybrid culture on Kudrimoti successfully defended itself against Cygexba forces during the Version War. During the bitter fighting on Rej-II the Erotoginis used their abilities in personal combat with deadly results. Captive Cygexba agents were often turned to double agents or sent back home after horrific psychological restructuring to spread anxiety against further attacks.

Isolated Erotogini colonies and clades, turning in upon themselves and exploring their own sentience and sensuality, and frequently evolving to superbright grade. Some even made the transition to transapience, such as the Lutia bioreplicators in the inner Perseus Arm, the group-mind Kamosis in the Serpens Region, and Zaemos E in the Crucis Corridor (nominally Negentropic Alliance), which even to this date remains an important center of erotosophy, visited by Hedonians from all over the galaxy. Experts disagree whether these highly derived entities can even be still called "Erotogini" (just as posthuman intelligences are generally not considered "human", even though they evolved from hu and still retain elements of hu genome).

Virch Erotogini

There are at least as many Erotogini in virchspace as there are in the physical world, descended from entities from various of the vast number of erotic and pornographic virches generated over the years and millennia. As far as is known, these Virtual Erotogini are far more widespread and varied as the physical members of the superclade.

In terms of the EZ classification system, these virches will tend to have physics which is quite hard, although less so than the physical world, to be little different from the physical world, and slightly more abstract than the physical world. They tend to have a very low resolution, being interested in the surfaces of things only, not detailed internal functions (that, as long as the 'visible' parts look and act as real as is required, any 'customer' of the virch is, in general, not going to be too bothered about the fact that the virch doesn't simulate anything more detailed than macroscopic physics; of course, if accurate physics simulation is the customer's thing, then that can probably be arranged, but in general this is not a concern).

Erotogini Today

Erotoginis remain an important minority, or even majority, in many regional centers throughout the Hinterworlds and Outer Volumes. Unfortunately, only a few of the original Inner Sphere Erotogini settlements remain. Most of the interstellar empires age settlements eventually went the way of Dionysos Prime itself, and became respectable tourist destinations, with pure-cloned Erotoginis a minority in their own demapolity. Nevertheless, descendants of the original Erotoginis, and those with Erotogini-genome, form a distinctive clade that can be found throughout the civilized galaxy and beyond, setting up new polities and micropolities, plying their trade, or simply making the Grand Tour. It is also almost certain that the number of self-contained Erotogini and part-Erotogini habitats and biospheres in the Inner Sphere Kuiper belts and Oort halos, among the Hiders, and in the less explored hinterworlds, and the Outer Volumes, has been greatly underestimated.

Many modern Erotoginis have not just retained their chemical abilities, but even have some nanosystems available for maximum flexibility. Some Erotogini-descended clades have merged with various biont cultures to form various symbiotic systems. The Bibbig of NoCoZo consist of a human clade (mainly mental and linguistic enhancements) that have entered symbiosis with the Fumee Erotoginis so that the Erotoginis act as the largely non-motile providers of net access, social control, food, cleaning, medicine as well as incubators for the young. The Ulm-Loka of the Solar Dominion have been genetically integrated with the Ulm inhabitants, acting as a multipurpose clothing/tool/protection. The Weiu of outer MPA instead live as parasites inside baseline bodies, gradually replacing their brains with their own syn-neurons.


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