Inner Sphere world orbiting Alpha Caeli some 65ly from Sol.
Terraformed in the early Middle Federation period by descendants of Northern European refugees from the Great Expulsion. Midgard is orbited by three moons, Asgard, Vahalla and Loki. Asgard and Valhalla are spherical bodies 450 and 1000 kilometers in diameter respectively and have both been terraformed using the worldhouse enclosure method. Loki is an irregular body some 75 km along its long axis. The moon travels on a long elliptical orbit which brings it into close proximity (16000km) with Midgard every six planetary months. Approximately every 3 years Loki begins its closest approach at the same time that Asgard and Valhalla are aligned on the same side of the planet. This results in a significant increase in tectonic activity (easily compensated for with smart matter building techniques and an advanced angelnet system) and some of the highest tides in the known universe. As a consequence Midgard is perhaps best known as the site of the All-Worlds Surfing Championships held every three years. The event attracts baseline and near-baseline athletes from all over the Inner and Middle Regions and is transmitted via the Known Net as far out as the Periphery.
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Text by Todd Drashner

Initially published on 07 January 2002.