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Interplanetary Age AI. Mycroft acquired eir moniker due to being the Luna States central AI, and ended up playing the role. Strong libertarian, ended up acting as a moderating influence on Kilburn's more "militant" solutions to the luddite/NeoPrim problem.
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    The foundation from which AI developed, from Information Age Old Earth. Still a knowledge field in its own right. Artificial Intelligence involves programming computers, non-sentient virtuals, nano, and bots to emulate sophont cognitive abilities, and eventually to acquire sentience in their own right. It involves a large number of interrelated fields, including fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, neural networks, pattern recognition algorithms, natural language processing, and speech, comlink, or affinitylink recognition. Today many software packages are widely available that can automatically enable most non-sentient computational devices to be provolved to sentience.
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Text by Ben Higginbottom

Initially published on 08 December 2001.