Radiation Nation
The Radiation is a common term for a synclade of radiation-resistant human-derived bionts, not all of whom have a common origin.

Increased radiation resistance was an early addition to the human genome, found in practically all extant clades. Improvements in free radical scavenging and DNA repair had applications both in life extension and enhancing the resistance to radiation in space. The drawback is an increase in energy needs, but for individuals living in technological societies this is not a problem (among formerly technological societies, such as Version War era Klarus, there is a detectable selection effect against this radiation resistance as bearers of the gene prove less starvation resistant).

Radiation Nation emerged in the 5000's as a synclade of other clades identifying themselves strongly with radiation resistance, often extending it far beyond the levels ordinary used among mainstream clades. The most common approach ("soft radnads") is highly upregulated DNA repair systems, often based on Deinococcus radiodurans and Xenobacter mirabilis from Mykropht III. Even higher levels can be achieved by symbiotic nanoreplicators, the "hard radnads". UV absorbing or reflecting skin is also common, as well as are toxin resistance and enhanced immune systems response.

Radiation Nation often identify themselves as being the outcasts and scavengers of interstellar society, living in the environments nobody else can stand. While this is true for many societies, there are also clades that exist at the high end of the socioeconomic spectrum, for example the Deines of Hekufast or the Ol Tyrrany in the upper NoCoZo. The shared outsidership is rather a way of achieving cultural cohesion and community among the divergent clades. There does not exist any political or economic cohesion in the Radiation Nation, but the shared cultural assumptions help support inter-clade relations, shared projects (such as the Bourgatov mining efforts) and exchange of biogenetic traits.
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Text by Anders Sandberg

Initially published on 09 March 2001.