The capital world of the 55 Cancri solar system

Danzig Shore
The gas giant Veedu as seen from its terraformed moon, Danzig

In 2466 c.e. the autonomous probe Philip K. Dick was sent to 55 Cancri, a G8 class star 41 ly from Earth, and established a magnetic energy collector/autofactory on a moon of the jovian world 55 Cancri d. A Baltic League colony ship, the Hanse,was launched towards this star by the First Federation in 1001 AT. The Hanse arrived in 1421 AT.

The first planet from the star, a hot neptunian world was given the name Bremen by the colonists; it currently has a ring of photovoltaic power stations in polar orbit; otherwise it is untouched. The second planet from the star at 0.11 AU , slightly smaller than Jupiter, was named Lubeck. A second epistellar subjovian named Kiel orbited at 0.24 AU. None of these planets have moons because of the small size of their Hill sphere region.

Veedu and Danzig

Danzig and moon
Image from Steve Bowers

Veedu, the fourth planet, was a watery gas giant world at 0.71 AU, with a single large moon (Danzig) which became the NeoHanseatic colony. The NeoHanseatic colonists brought cometary water to this dry world, and the moon was terraformed despite its long day (nearly sixteen times as long as Earth's).

The fifth planet Riga was a 9000km pelavenusian world at 1.7 AU, eventually terraformed by 5500 by agents of the Solar Dominion.

A 200,000km jovian, Rostock orbits at 5.5 AU, providing protection from cometary impact,.with three moons Mazda, Elbe and Rhine.

When the colonists arrived, the autofac built by the Dick was still active on the inner moon, and in 4790 it made contact with and joined Metasoft.

In 2058 the Conver Ambi arrived and set up an embassy/colony on the highlands of Danzig, advanced posthumans trading with the impoverished Hanse colonists, and leasing a large continent (Wendlant).

In the breakup of the Conver Ambi the Solar Dominion took over, with the now hylocyborg culture of the Hanseatic colony remaining independent. The Metasoft outpost on Lubeck retreated to 55 Cancri B, a red dwarf at 1200 AU. This was the base for long distance relativistic attacks on Shamash from 4490 during the Version War. The vec outpost was destroyed in 4608.

Danzig, a terraformed moon of Veedu

Danzig 1, terraformed moon
Image from Steve Bowers

Danzig is 6404 km in diameter, orbits Veedu at a distance of 979,850km and is tidally locked to its primary; this means the day-length on this world is 15.9 standard days long. The world was terraformed primarily using an early form of Weather Machine technology.

Danzig is now an independent Inner Sphere world, affiliated to the Terran Federation and Sophic League, with the Solar Dominion presence limited to Riga. The Hanse cyborg culture is both hi-tech and bound to the nature of the world they have lovingly terraformed. The seas and forests of Danzig are full of augmented humans often engaging in sport and commerce simultaneously using cybermultitasking.

All worlds in the 55 Cancri system are welcome to compete in the Danzig Hyperolympics, where any bio and/or hylo augmentation is both permitted and recommended. This competition draws spectators from the entire system and further afield, especially since the competition was opened to competitors using Ultimate Muscles.

A Sophic League Worldtree is in place on a moon of Rostock, while in a series of O'Neill habitats set up around an outer microjovian (Bergen) live a hybrid race of synthetic human characterbots ruled by the Doctors Evilbot and Doombot, who are dedicated to lives of peace and contemplation following their liberation from role-playing constraints.
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Initially published on 04 July 2008.