Battle of Erson
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As Metasoft dropped four million Orbit-Ground Occupation Units onto the continent Erson, the Geminga Orthodoxy used their remaining stockpiles of antimatter to open magma chambers in the Lense range. The resulting massive eruption flooded 58% of Erson with lava, halting the OGOU advance, killing 120,000 civilians who could not be evacuated and permanently unbalancing the planetary climate. In the end it merely brought the Orthodoxy a few days of time.

42 Tauri - Data Panel

System:System: 42 Tauri
Region:Inner Sphere.
Colonized:2980 A.T recolonised 6400
Distance from Sol:89 light years.
Stellar Type:F1 V
Luminosity:5.4 sol.
Planets:(Named after classical science fiction authors of the Information and Early Interplanetary ages)

I : Baxter (Cytherean Class)17000 km diameter

II : Cheon (selenian class) 3090 km diameter

III : Benford (selenian class) 2100 km diameter

IV : Brin (terraformed EoGaian class) 12900 km diameter, devastated in the Second Consolidation War; now postgaian cinder world.

V : Han (Jovian class) 98000 km diameter
Affiliation:Former Conver Ambi, now Silicon Generation

The 42 Tauri system was colonised comparatively late by the Conver Ambi after having gained the territorial rights to the system after the Taurus Nexus breakup. The only terraformable world was 42 Tauri IV, a very young terrestrial world. The terraforming was expected to take several centuries, but preliminary stabilisation of the near-hothouse atmosphere and the addition of tectonic stabilisation networks enabled colonisation of the continents Erson and Ernak.

During the Conver Wars insurgents defeated the Orthodoxy in the orbital battle, but lacked the resources for a ground assault. As Metasoft expeditionary force RightNode arrived a full orbit-ground assault was initiated. While initially suffering a setback in the Battle of Erson, they quickly reached the Orthodoxy strongholds in the Mohorovicic level tectonic system and wiped them out.

Brin Ground attack vec
Image from Loopquanta
A Metasoft Orbit-Ground Occupation Unit on Brin at the start of the Battle of Erson

The environmental damage due to the Erson eruptions proved too serious to manage with local resources, and over the next 50 years the planet entered a runaway greenhouse state. The system was largely abandoned except for a number of orbital habitats above Brin, and some Silicon Generation defector vecs that moved into the remaining tectonic system tunnels in the 6000's.

The Silicon Generation civilisation which now occupies this devastated world has cooled the surface to 270 Kelvin using superconductors, and continues to extract useful energy from the planet's hot interior. On the inhospitable surface of Erson the impressive Danton Monument stands as an timeless monument to the foolishness of war, and attracts a large number of peace pilgrims and ahismic tourists

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