Miracle City

Miacle City 2
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Miracle City is one of the most famous marvels of the Serpens region, a planet encrusted with fractal buildings extending far into orbit. They are maintained using self-regulating xenotech, leaving the billions of inhabitants free to pursue their manifold goals.

Ancient planet/megastructure apparently built by a long-dissapeared xenosophont species, which may have transcended and vanished into artificially constructed universes of their own creation long ago. Due to the ability of the structures to completely regulate and revise themselves, the actual age remains unclear (estimates range from half a million to two hundred million years), but it appears that the megastructure has been sequentially inhabited by several civilisations, each of which has transcended.

Since its creation, Miracle city has been more or less continuously inhabited by various xenosophonts which have arrived to explore it. However the City was deserted when Terragen explorers first arrived.

The City is a heavily redesigned planet, covered with fractal "buildings" extending far into orbit, maintained using self-regulating nano and magmatter tech. It contains billions of habitats of various kinds, a few of which are inhabited by the descendants of migrating biont clades.

Travel: The nearest stargate nexus point is in the Sk¡iiws'nnii OC-STC GateNode located 78 lightyears away. From there a relativistic shuttleliner leaves every 6 months. Inflight time duration is 26 years. Full inflight facilities, including an excellent virchlibrary and delicious Skiilwsnnii cuisine, are provided.

Miracle City 3
Image from Anders Sandberg
Miracle City often changes colour and texture for unknown reasons.

Fiction about Miracle City

Traveler's Notes; Prelude to a Miracle

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Initially published on 19 August 2000.