The early years of the transapient entity responsible for the Gehenna supernovae event

Image from Steve Bowers
A recording of an early avatar used by Verifex in the Kirvana system; this transapient's obsession with stellar engineering may be already apparent in the symbology chosen at this time

Verifex began life in 2484 as the SI:1 administration architect 98vgm45s, in the newly settled Gaven system (then an important MPA frontier gateway, now MPA Middle Regions). In eir early life, e showed no hint of anything unusual, beyond perhaps a passion for eschatology and Late First Federation megascale engineering. Eir constructions from this period include a number of habitats of the typical "Dnbar03" style that was fashionable among some of counterspinwise MPA hyperturings of the time, and, apart from some novel engineering solutions and some useful bionano ergonomic devices, there was nothing to distinguish eir work from eir contemporaries; certainly it in no way was comparable to the genius of other MPA transapient contemporaries like Leiod of New Djed, or 254aa91+ (nicknamed "The Carbonacophiliac Artificer").

Some of 98vgm45s's orbital habs are still in use today, especially the series of four that form a small part of a cluster in the Gaven C Ring. Ownership of a "Verifex Habitat" is a matter of pride, and recently (10499) a lovingly restored arcology that Verifex commissioned and developed in his middle period in the system changed hands in an auctioned for a large but unspecified amount In 2853, after a fairly ordinary career in Gaven, Dacc, Medius, and The Tochhie Orwood, 98vgm45s suddenly announced that e would make a Grand Tour, and departed on the Newrin Grand Loop Cycler Beamrider route, on a course that would take em through the Negentropy Alliance, the Sagittarius Sphere, the Keter Dominion, and then Cygexba, the Solar Dominion, Metasoft, the Sophic League, the NoCoZo, the Inner Sphere, and back to the MPA. Little was heard of 98vgm45s for almost a thousand years, although those who met em on beamrider routes or relativistic ships referred to em as thorough and studious, if rather bland (by transapient standards), and it was known that e had studied many different eschatological teachings and a number of high transapient ontologies

In the 39th century, 98vgm45s was making an extended stopover at Origin Technolaudium (Keter Dominion) when the ai called Superhyperbole arrived from the Transcend in 3828. Whether e was a part of the Transcend, or merely a guest, or even simply a probe or remote of some kind, is not known. Superhyperbole stayed for a short while at the Origin Technolaudium, distributing modosophont level literature on wormholes, and offering QA sessions on the same subject. The materials distributed mentions him as being a SI:2, but still it seems, from fragments of recovered godnet blogs of the students, that he was quite involved with his modosophont students, and gave them as much attention as they wanted.

Acquaintances of the time report that 98vgm45s became one of Superhyperbole's most enthusiastic students, and changed eir name to Avhr-superhyperbolidur (literally, "Student-Apprentice of Superhyperbole"). What the Transcendian ai thought of this is not known, but it (as far as sapient toposophic translated accounts seem to indicate) caused some humour and mockery among the entity's other students. In 3835 Superhyperbole again withdrew to Transcend space, only to return in 3990, 4115, and 4250.

During this time, Avhr-superhyperbolidur was heavily into keterist and transcendian ideology, became increasingly reclusive and alienated from the rest of eir peers in the Superhyperbolian and Keterist communities and Local Transapient Net forums, and underwent several toposophic ascension sessions at local transcension academies. In 4071 e disappeared with eir new ISO, built with resources given to em by some of eir low transapient disciples and remotes. In 4352 e arrived at the non-aligned system of Kivana (in Cygexba space, near the Keterist-Cygexba border) The ISO had been dramatically modified, and the controlling AI announced its name as Verifex, and claimed to be the anointed successor of Superhyperbole.

Over the following centuries e travelled widely in eir increasingly modified ISO, stopping at various systems to exchange information, megascale and wormhole engineering plans, and the occasional artifact, for raw materials and advanced technology. By the 46th century, Verifex had quite a following in the region, and appeared to be functioning in consistency with an SI:3 Mind. His followers claim that he took the exact same position as Superhyperbole earlier had, and some students which had met both remarked on the remarkable likeness of Verifex's personality.

Others (including the "Orthodox School") however denied anything other than superficial similarity. Superhyperbole continued to visit Origin Technolaudium at regular intervals (Verifex emself never returned to the system), and when asked by students about the impostor made a joke that unfortunately does not translate into anything lower toposophic beings can fully understand.

For the rest, Superhyperbole had no interest in Verifex. Verifex emself, following eir original announcement, never commented further on the Superhyperbole connection, and seemed to have found the whole thing irrelevant. Contrary to popular opinion, almost all of the so-called Verifex-Superhyperbole connection was the result of memetic engineering drummed up by the Verifexians in response to the critiques of Superhyperbolians during the so-called "Ideology War" of the 4560s.
Long after both entities have gone their own way, such persuasive memengineering, perpetuated by missionary godbooks, continued to irritate the historians and mislead the naive through the Aquila region and beyond.

In 4712 Superhyperbole returned to the Transcend, never to return to the Origin Technolaudium again Meanwhile, Verifex had gained a following at Wudgan Bishop Ring, a Keterist Habitat with a large modosophont population around Wudgan's Star. E adopted Superhyperbole's habit of staying for a few years, and then withdraw, only to return a century or so later. Verifex returned in 4602, 4715, 4888, 4950, and 5076. 5086 is the last year that Verifex is recorded to have had active social interaction with a modosophont being. This year he left the system, never to return to Keterist space again. Interestingly enough he had received a rather lengthy question, concerning the possibility of warping part of space into a temporal lens with wormhole technology, from a su student. As the only question in his career at Wudgan Ring, Verifex left the question unanswered, and left the orbit two and a half hour later.

A number of later encounters and sightings of Verifex, both confirmed and otherwise are recorded in the Godwatcher Database. Through 5503 to 5529, Verifex can be tracked through 6 observations at various wormholes, on a route leading from the Transcend to MPA space. Through 5539 to 5960, the track drifts from MPA space, through the Sophic league, finally disappearing for 300 years in the Monoceros/Orion region. In 6232 Verifex appeared again but almost immediately left the Sephirotic Empires completely to enter the independent, ahuman Solipsist Panvirtuality.

The next time Verifex showed up was in 7310 when his presence was noticed in the M50 cluster. Several diplomatic/investigative expeditions from various nearby powers were sent to the vicinity, studying the advanced gigatechnological operations going on. Verifex apparently ignored the expeditions, only sending emissary entities to announce that M50 was now an "Alternate Caretaker God Protectorate" and that it fell under the Eden Treaty. Verifex apparently worked on fusing several stars using advanced replicator devices for unknown purposes. Networks of exotic matter, intrerstellar wormholes and gigascale field technology were employed. In 7434 whatever operations were going on, somehow failed - the expeditions just had time to notice that several stars were showing signs of going supernova before having to flee as fast as they could.

The rest is history.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Thorbjørn Steen

Initially published on 12 June 2007.