Ross 128 system

Ross 128 system
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Ross 128 System

Red dwarf system near Sol, initially colonised by beamrider in 617AT. Former member of the Eridanus League This system was one of the first beamrider colonies, and after the Great Expulsion was the destination for a great many refugee beam-ships.

The large colony ship 'Utnapishtim-6' that reached Ross-128 was a more speculative venture than usual for the Star Pilgrim Corporation, which sent colonizing missions to many systems during the Early Federation period. Ross-128 was an isolated latecomer to the Eridanus League, joining as an afterthought just as the League population crisis was becoming overwhelming.

However, for a brief time Ross-128 became the greatest port in the Human realm as two waves of Eridan colony ships stopped there on their way past Earthspace to future FSA/Yoson Confederacy worlds such as Beta Canes Venatici III (Chiri) and Xian Virginis II (Yosonia). Ross-128 did not itself become a Yoson Confederacy member due to a desire to avoid becoming a target of the Tahmetians.
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