Characterbot, Personbot, Simm

Simulated Personalities in virtual or robot form

Image from Steve Bowers

A semi-sentient or fully sentient virtual sophont, robot or vec programmed with elements of the personality of a celebrity, a fictional character or any other person.

In the Early Interplanetary age there was a thriving industry dedicated to the emulation of various personality traits in artificial form. A very basic reproduction of the personalities of various actors, politicians and other famous people could be recreated in a virtual or robotic simulacrum, by recording the observed behaviour and biographical details of those persons.

Other, less famous people were also recreated, often through their own efforts or those of their friends and acquaintances. One very useful tool in the creation of a personality reconstruction was the lifelog, a form of diary where the person concerned would record eir thoughts and experiences in as much detail, and with as much honesty as possible.

The common term used at that time was simulacrum, or Simm, but this term is nowadays mostly used for subsentient virtual characters created to populate virtual environments. Other terms include characterbot and personbot, used to describe physical rather than virtual reproductions. Both terms are still in use, despite the fact that most simulacra today are at least sentient so should be classified as vecs.
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Initially published on 14 May 2009.