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Technology so advanced as to be indistinguishable from "magic", which appears to be miraculous in its workings; any godtech that cannot be understood by modosophont level science.

Clarketech is sometimes created or left behind by transapients and archailects, or - much more rarely - left by alien civilizations. Although most clarketech cannot be used by modosophonts for any useful purpose there are still a few instances where clarketech does work in a practical way (antigravity cloth, matter teleportation, etc.). Even 'useless' clarketech artifacts can fetch reasonably good prices on the open market, perhaps because collectors hope to eventually find ways of using them.

Because it has properties that cannot be replicated under normal circumstances, workable clarketech is greatly valued by galactic civilization. But like most artifacts, clarketech eventually wears out. For this reason, adventurers and entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for any new discoveries of clarketech, and countless fortunes have been made and lost in the search for this galactic grail.

The name originated from a famous saying by Arthur C Clarke -an Atomic and Early Information Age fabulist:
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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    A very rare clarketech device, much more common in fabulist tales than in real life. Most actual disintegrators work in different ways, showing their origin as rare artifacts. Almost all uses clarketech effects that weaken the atomic bonds in the target so it vaporises in a huge ball of superheated gas. The range is not known to exceed 200 meters (more often no more than 50 meters), making it almost as dangerous to the user as the target Some weaken molecular bonds, some weaken atomic bonds (such as a weak force boson beam), the most powerful (probably never hand held) somehow separate the quarks from each other.
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    Generic term for any device that can bring about a radical ascension in the user's toposophic status, or the toposophic status of any sentient or sub-sentient to which it is applied. Many godseeds can exert a catastrophic effect on the user, or result in ascensions among the unprepared or maladjusted that result in perversities. For this reason the technology has become proscribed in many polities. Some well-known godseeds include Atzilut Sparkles, SNARE , the Olympus Pill, and Vinge's Revenge. There is a flourishing blackmarket traffic in godseeds, especially in less regulated regions of the galaxy.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 25 November 2009.