Microgravity Space Habitats
Microgravity Habitats
Image from Steve Bowers
Emple Dokcetic microgravity habitats
Non-rotating habitats with a zero-gee environment can take almost any form. Clades such as space-adapted humans, cyborgs and vecs which do not require artificial gravity generally build microgravity habitats.

Often they consist of many independent units connected together with airtight seals; these units may be of many different types and ages. Over time a cluster of microgravity habitats may grow to be very large; this can cause a problem as the cluster will self-gravitate, and may collapse or deform in undesirable ways. For this reason large microgravity clusters have a low density and may look sparse and spindly from a distance.

Microgravity sports of several different kinds, such as Zero Tag and Zeegrav-ball are often played in larger non-rotating space habitats, and microgravity fabrication technology such as vapour deposition forms the basis of much of the economy within such structures.
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