Lam Wai-Chun
Lam Wai-Chun
Image from Steve Bowers
Star Chi Draconis A+B (planet orbits AB barycentre)
Distance from Sol 26 ly
Type F7V/K5v
Luminosity 1.71 x Sol/0.19 x Sol
Distance from Penglai 8 ly
Planet Lam Wai-Chun
Diameter 7881 km
Semimajor axis 4.5 AU
Type Titanian Former member of the Penglai Empire, a cold world orbiting a wide binary star.

In the 4450 general elections the population chose to join the Keter Dominion and later came to collectively ascend in the 5300's.
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Text by Steve Bowers

Initially published on 03 February 2010.