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Xenosophonts (Alien Species) in the Orion's Arm Volume

The To'ul'hs The first alien race to be discovered by Humanity

To'ul'hs on the surface of their home planet
Image from Luke Campbell
Beneath the thick clouds of Tohul Prime the surface is almost completely dark, except when lightning briefly illuminates the landscape

The Cthonids

Image from Luke Campbell
A mud-dwelling, subterranean race with mobile accessory bodies

The Silent Ones

Silent One
Image from Steve Bowers
A secretive but advanced race confined to a single planetary system

The Thyresta, an extinct species

Image from Juhomatti Männistö
These creatures wiped themselves out in a nuclear war 3.6 million years ago

The Meistersingers

Image from Steve Bowers
A Meistersinger individual together with some members of its choir.

The Wayfarers

Image from Chris Shaeffer
An amphibious species associated with the Meistersingers

Hildemar's Knots

Hildemar's Knots
Image from Anders Sandberg
A species living on the surface of certain neutron stars

The Muuh

Image from Steve Bowers
A cold temperature slow-living species, with an ancient, decaying empire

The Soft Ones

Soft Ones
Image from Keith Wigdor
A cold-temperature, singlecelled macroscale intelligent species

Kemmerer Joker Leaf-ants

Image from Steve Bowers
Joker Leafants, unlike most animal-like creatures, are not bilaterally symmetrical, but instead show plant-like growth forms.


Image from Steve Bowers
A planet covered in an intelligent grassland xenoecology

The Iahi Daon

Iahi Daon Biology
Image from Aaron Hamilton
A long extinct species (reconstruction)

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