Garden of Paradise Cluster

Image from Steve Bowers

Not a real cluster, but a collection of sun-like stars near Rho Puppis, first reached in 2642. Many of these stars have Earth-like worlds (such as Ararat) which have been terraformed to a state similar to Old Earth by a long vanished alien race. This race is popularly known as the Mysterians, classified by the Hamilton Institute as HIE294CZE.

On a typical Mysterian worlds there are multitudes of plant/jellyfish creatures which feed on floating bacteria that in turn use a modified method of photosynthesis). On land there are vast creeping vines which cover the land surface, especially rocks, cliffs and other elevated landforms, and provide microecologies for mobile animal-like lifeforms. The most famous Mysterian world is Ararat.
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    The name used by the local populace to describe the long vanished terraformers of alien origin who terraformed Ararat II. The mysterian jungle is made of the numerous plant/jellyfish creatures that have taken residence on the planet and, through accident or not, and outlived the mysterians themselves.
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Text by Steve Bowers

Initially published on 04 March 2010.