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Atlas, a pyrohydrothallassic (hot-water) world

Star: Delta Geminorum A, Wasat
Type: F0 close binary
Luminosity: 11 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 59 light years
Companion: Delta Geminorum B (class K3 orange dwarf)120 AU distant

World: Atlas, a pyrohydrothalassic world.
Civilisation in Wasat System is mostly based in orbiting habitats and on airless moons. Apex Carbuncle Orbiting Habitat is the oldest and most important habitat.

Central world of the House Conver Limis, specialists in the colonisation and exploitation of superterrestrial worlds; the giant hot-water-world Atlas has been exploited extensively by bots designed by House Limis.

Wasat is only 8 light years from Conver Ky.

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Initially published on 02 April 2010.