The closest star to Sol

Star Proxima Centauri
Type M5.5 Ve
Luminosity 0.0017 x Sol
Distance from Sol 4.2 ly (J2000 epoch)
Loosely bound to Alpha Centauri A+B

Proxima Centauri was colonised during the Great Expulsion. Proxima has 5 planets, Lif, Lifthrasir, Skoll, Hati and Fenrir, and an extensive asteroid belt. The colonies among the asteroid belt were a centre for the Buddhist religion under Boddhichittamaittreya III and are now a sacred site of pilgrimage.

Visited by the spacecraft Ananas in 1040 AT at the start of Benedita Blue Sky Dacosta's epic trek across Terragen space.

Planets - I: Lif

closest world to Proxima
Type Hermian
Radius 2019.5 km
Gravity 0.35 gees
Av Surface Temp 13 degrees C (the sunlit side reaches 223 C)
SemiMajorAxis 0.04 AU
Orbital Period 0.00052 standard years
Rotation Period Tidally Locked
Obliquity 23.00
Albedo 0.10

II: Lifthrasir

Lifthrasir: Proxima Centauri 2
The surface of Lifthrasir shown without its thick covering of clouds
Type Vesperian/Cytherean
Radius 5874 km
Gravity 1.11 gees
Av Surface Temp 574 degrees C
Orbital Period 0.0059 standard years
SemiMajorAxis 0.09 AU
Eccentricity 0.011
Inclination 2.00
Surface Pressure 119.047 atmospheres
Rotation Period Tidally Locked
Obliquity 34.00
Albedo 0.55
Using present-day technology Lifthrasir could be terraformed with relative ease, but instead it is populated with Venusian tweaks displaced from the Solar System and elsewhere.

III: Skoll

Type MicroJovian Type
Radius 23126 km
Mass 14.322x Earth
Av Surface Temp -181 degrees C
Orbital Period 3.632 standard years
SemiMajorAxis 1.7 AU
Eccentricity 0.005
Inclination 1.00
Rotation Period 65 standard hours
Obliquity 18
Albedo 0.51

IV: Hati

Hati: Proxima Centaruri 4
Type MesoJovian Type
Radius 26796.5
Mass 29.708 x Earth
Av Surface Temp -54 degrees C
Orbital Period 6.638 standard years
SemiMajorAxis 2.6 AU
Eccentricity 0.006
Inclination 1.00
RotationPeriod 42 standard hours
Obliquity 28
Albedo 0.50
Rings 80000 km

V: Fenris

Fenris: Proxima Centauri 5
Type Cryojovian
Radius 25477 km
Mass 19.149 x Earth
Av Surface Temp -226 degrees C
Orbital Period 28.43 standard years
SemiMajorAxis 6.7 AU
Eccentricity 0.011
Inclination 4.00
Rotation Period 41 standard hours
Obliquity 34
Albedo 0.59
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev and John M. Dollan

Initially published on 18 November 2010.