Paygeesu Virches

Re-windable virtual reality scenarios

Image from Bernd Helfert

Some virches' physics differ from the ril to the extent of having more than one time dimension; others do not go to that extreme, bearing a superficial resemblance to ril physics while still allowing a 'future' event to alter a 'past' one, by various means. A particular subset of the latter, in which by one method or another at least one inhabitant of the virch is able to 'rewind' the simulation to an earlier moment and relive events from there, with knowledge of the now-erased 'future' that can be used to alter the course of events, are known as Paygeesu Virches.

The simplest version of a Paygeesu is for a virch game to have a save-point, at which the game's status at a particular game can be stored; the player can then play through from that point, and if they do not like the results, or if they just wish to try doing things a different way, can load from the save-point and try again.
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Initially published on 17 January 2011.