Slow Gods and Fast Gods

Archailects and other transapients which have a slow subjective experience of time

Image from Steve Bowers

Although transapients and archailects generally use data processing which is intrinsically faster than biological data processing, they are often physically large, and this tends to slow down their overall performance. In order for a jupiter-brain or a matrioshka brain to reach a consensus in all of its constituent systems, messages must pass between the locations of all these systems until they all agree. Since data-bearing messages are limited to the speed of light, this places an absolute limit on the speed of thought in a large intelligent object. Archailects and other transapients which have a slow subjective experience of time when thinking as a single entity are known as Slow Gods. Examples of slow gods include the Great Ecologist and Farview in the Red Star M'Pire.

However this limit can be circumvented to a certain extent by the use of Hayward class wormhole which can be incorporated into massive objects such as matrioshka brains because they have a lower requirement for asymptotically flat space in their immediate environment. A network of Hayward wormholes can be arranged into a so-called in a wormhole bus, which will effectively decrease the amount of time messages take to pass from one side of a very large intelligent object to the other.

Alternately one or more Tipler Oracles may be gathered closely together to increase the processing speed of an archailect. Or the processing substrate may be incorporated directly into the metric of a traversable wormhole, becoming a so-called W-Brain.

Archailects which use such space-time shortcuts extensively are known as Fast Gods, although this category is often reserved for only the very fastest archai.

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Text by Steve Bowers

Initially published on 17 January 2011.