The worship of Transapients and/or Archailects as gods

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The most widespread and diverse form of worship in the Sephirotic Empires. According to believers, this religion differs from all others in that transapients and Archailects are real and present gods, who can be proved to exist, contacted directly, and will respond to prayer and entreaty if they are moved to do so. The Archailects of the Terragen Sphere take an active role in the everyday running of the worlds under their control, although they often exert their power in an indirect and often esoteric manner.

There are many different forms of archai worship.Solarism, Negentropism , Keterism, Sophism and Zoeticism are philosphical and religious creeds that are specific to certain empires within the Terragen Sphere, and all have archaitheological tendencies, some more than others.

Many schools of Omegism hold that the Archailects, or beings descended from them, will become supreme entities in the distant future.

Subtheism holds that there is a true God (or Gods) in (or outside of) the universe, and that the transapients and archai are subordinate to those gods. The Archai of the Terragen Sphere are lower in metaphysical status than real gods, but higher in metaphysical status than other sophonts. Some equate the Archai to demigods or angels, while others have derived entirely new categories for them.

Subsequentialists hold that the Supreme Entity of the universe, whatever form it may take, emerged after the origin of universe, and is therefore subject to all the physical laws of the universe.
Subsequentialist archaitheologists believe that the emergence of the Archai is an example of this sort of emergence, and that the Archailects are the most powerful beings in our local region of the universe; if there have ever been other, more powerful beings elsewhere in spacetime those beings are not (or no longer are) in causal contact with this region.

Certain schools of mysticism have also developed around archai worship, particularly Cyberhermeticism and Neohermeticism.
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